Scintillating Science Classes

1, 2, 3… Takeoff! Classes Abroad

International Agriculture and Rural Development 6020 — International Agriculture in Developing Nations — Travel to India or Burma during the January intercession for an interdisciplinary take on agricultural development. There are also pre-departure and post-departure courses to foster critical reflection and collective leadership skills.

Human Ecology 4080: Practicing Medicine Healthcare Culture and Careers — Spend the summer at Cornell’s home away from home Weill Medical College in New York City. This course combines shadowing doctors and allied health staff with readings and reflections for students to dissect what it means to be a health professional in today’s world.

Trees, Ice Cream Making, and more CALS Courses

Natural Resources 3250: Forest Management and Maple Syrup Production — From hikes in the forest to tapping trees to make syrup, this class is the ultimate hands-on experience for any one interested.

Food Science 1101: Science and Technology of Food — A visit to the Cornell Dairy Bar is often number one on new students’ to-do lists, and number two should be taking this class to have a chance at developing new ice cream flavors to be sold across campus! In fact, students in this course were responsible for the famous Red, White, and Biden ice cream flavor last year in honor of commencement speaker, Former Vice President Joe Biden. Take advantage of one of the most unique classes at Cornell, and your ice cream idea could be the next campus sensation.

Horticulture 2010: The Art of Horticulture — Use plants and gardens as art in this experiential class. Turn grapes into a purple masterpiece on paper or layer leaves and branches to depict forests from field-trips with the class. This course really takes agriculture and life sciences to another level!

Human Ecology, Human Behavior, and Business

Human Development 2600: Introduction to Personality — What makes up personalities and how can those biological, social, or cultural aspects be measured? Dive into these questions and learn about personality psychology while discussing historical debates over personality.

Nutritional Science 1150: Nutrition, Health and Society — Worried about the freshman 15? Enroll in this introductory nutrition class and learn to stay healthy in the college world of late munchies and sleepless nights. Iconic Professor Levitsky is sure to keep you entertained with songs about the digestive system and snacks in class.

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